Now I live with a man who is 13 years older than me. ⠀ I don't see any problem with him, he looks great and he's always nice and fun to spend time with.

So I don't feel any age difference, but rather better than my peers. Everything would have been fine, but he's totally against marriage and it wouldn't have been a big problem, but I got pregnant.

He took this news with joy and said he would arrange everything, he would be the father, but no marriage.

But my parents are very conservative people. They came over the other day to talk about marriage and getting married.

⠀ In the end the guy got my father arrested and pushed him out the door, and my mother too. My parents finally told me to pack up my stuff and move back to my dorm, finish school, and go home.

MH, he said you better watch where and with whom you are better off, but my parents will not let me in until they apologize for forcing him to marry me.

Help me advice, what's the best thing to do?