We have been together for over three years. Now he's on vacation with a friend and he sends me pictures and videos of them drinking beer.

In the video, my boyfriend is filming and says "come on" and pulls his lips towards him and they kiss, it's just a "smack" but still. But at the end of the video, he adds heat by pulling his tongue toward him and they touch. I'm at a complete loss for words.

I got a bad feeling inside of me, while I'm okay in principle with this kind of spectacle, gay***s and whatnot, the thing is, this is my boyfriend!

Who is, you know, the street kid in sweatpants his whole life. I can't figure out how to relate to that now.

While I myself can also kiss my girlfriend on the lips, he knows about it and it's okay, is it the same thing? Is it normal? Or is there something wrong with me? But I'm just a little bit confused. Now he asks no one main thing not to throw off, because he trusts me!!!