And this is how I see it:

  1. to live only in a joint apartment, or at least that I should be registered there, i.e. the mistress. Yes, exactly.

I do not want to live to the point that if something happens to the man, the apartment will go to someone (relatives, etc.), and we say 10 years living together. They will come and give a kick in the ass. That's why only Common Lodging! Where I am the mistress! And according to the law as well!

  1. Money in the house. I'm not a barker asking for 5/10/15/20 for this, for that, for that. You earn it, you bring it into the house. We'll decide together what and where.

I will not agree to cohabitation, 50/50, or any other model of "living together".

It is more profitable to live at my place, for myself alone, and to meet for my soul, body, gifts, and leisure)).

I pity those ladies who do not understand it. I can't believe what I read. "He changed the lock" "I did his repairs," etc. Fools! Don't you agree? And how do you see your life together?