I have been looking for a mistress for my husband for a month now. No, I am not crazy at all, moreover, I have a beautiful family, which I do not want to destroy at all.

But I am deeply convinced that having a mistress has become a necessity for my husband. Over the many years we've been together, he's gotten lazy. Our s*x has become routine. I couldn't say I had a lion in bed before, but at least he was trying.

I think if he had an affair on the side, it might bring back our old passion, and it might teach him to try harder for the young and beautiful one, too.

Then again, every night I had a beer and a couch made the handsome man I used to be, an overweight man who could not be kicked to the gym or take out the rubbish on foot instead of in his car.

If my husband has a mistress, he's going to have to get fitter and prettier. And I'm going to take advantage of it. He hasn't been promoted in five years and his salary no longer seems adequate to me. I can't motivate him to somehow cheer up and start working his way up.

With a mistress, he just has to be more and more successful all the time. It's not his wife you have to surprise and delight her. Our evenings have become like each other. And I want to go out and even hang out with the girls.

If my husband has a mistress, I'll have free time that I can use as I please. Then again, my husband isn't the last bastard, so out of guilt he will give me presents and even go to my mother's without throwing a tantrum. A mistress makes a man meek, I'm sure.

Yes, insidious and selfish, but if it takes a young c*cker to finally get me to wear a fur coat instead of a down coat, I don't mind, I don't mind. Plus, he'll probably be more caring for the kids. Yes, a mistress is very useful in making a man feel guilty...

Only, where to find her? I don't want to bring someone I know into the family. How do I set up a reunion? Can you tell me the best way to do it without my husband finding out?