Girls, help me, maybe someone has experienced something like this, or just advice.

We are breaking up with a man, lived together for 6 years in a rental apartment. He is going to move in with my mother.

I, on the other hand, do not know what to do. Is it realistic to stay in this rented apartment? I am afraid that everything will remind of us, of him, and it will be harder and longer to get over the break-up.

If I rent another place it will cost at least 7 thousand more since there is no longer the price we pay for our apartment.

My mom says I better stay in this apartment and not overpay for another one, that it will hurt and stop, I'll get over it, etc.

I am going through a really hard breakup, and when he leaves, it will be awful. What to do and how to do the right thing do not know(((