You can't build a long and fulfilling relationship on sexual attraction alone. You need another kind of intimacy: sensual and mental. Not unimportant is the commonality of interests and goals - mutual understanding.
If the latter (kinship of souls) did not happen in a close relationship, then the former (sexual attraction) will not hold together for a long time, because libido cools down and people easily get estranged from each other.
If the relationship between a man and a woman is built on interesting communication, common goals, acceptance of each other, honesty, caring, and sex, then that relationship can feel like mutual affection and love.
Have you heard the misconception that there is sexual incompatibility? Comrades, this is nonsense! Because once emotional and mental intimacy is manifested, then sexually the partners also adjust to each other.


You have to look for a person who is close in spirit. It is important not to slow down in the first days and months of communication, not to start adjusting the partner to the already existing ideals, stereotypes, and negative experiences, because this will close the pure perception of the life partner.
Enter into a new relationship outside of templates and stereotypes. You should first of all be guided by whether you feel good with this person, whether it is easy, whether it is calm, whether it is fun, whether you are happy? And the rest will be done by the nature of your body...
Love to everyone ❤️