Good day! I have been in a relationship with my partner for seven years now. He is 26 years older than me; I am 33.

He was married a long time ago and has two sons; now, he's divorced. There have been moments when I considered leaving because I felt the relationship was going nowhere—he did propose, saying, "Well, you wanted it, so here's the proposal."

Each time I left, he would come after me, crying, begging me to come back, claiming that I am the love and happiness of his life, etc. We do not live together (I've been visiting his room over these years). He often expressed his love, his desire for children, and a family with me, coaxing me with lines like, "Why don’t you have a child for me?" Yet, I never agreed to marry him or decide on having children.

Recently, I fell ill. He brought medicine over but didn't even come in; he rushed out of the apartment, saying, "I need to work" (as if he was running away from me). It seems like anything related to my world causes him to run away. However, when I am at his place, everything seems fine.

Today, I called him again with a request to drive me to the doctor in the evening. Initially, he declined, saying he had been drinking and couldn’t drive; when he learned of the location, he added that it would be too traffic-heavy. Eventually, he admitted, "I just don't want to. I won’t lie. I just want to rest, drink, and relax."

I understand the situation myself, but I would still like to hear your opinions on this latest incident. Is this the end?