Hello, everyone. Dating a man who has a young child from my first marriage. Didn't steal any!!!

He pays 50K in child support there but we live on my property and he has no money for us. Problems with work etc have reduced my wages.

I'm not comfortable with this in the sense that why start a new relationship if you're not ready to take responsibility for it? The commitment to the child is his actions and consequences, not mine.

He tells me to wait and things will work out, but it's been like this for a year. The longer it goes on, the scarier it gets.

Question: Are there any stories where things have somehow worked out in such a relationship? Or are there any effective tips on how to put yourself so that the man changed his attitude? That help help, (alimony is 20k) and the rest with the wife on the farm.

From his words it is very difficult for her. But I have a question: why did you decide to get a divorce if she can not be alone and you can not support. And why a new relationship.

Maybe I'm being too mean, and there's another angle.