My husband did not congratulate me on March 8.

No, he didn't forget, I told him in advance that I wanted a gift for March 8, so that he could choose it himself. The day before he asked me "what do you want?", I said that I did not know, they say look in the internet, that there are mostly gifts for women.

March 7 comes home from work: oh, and I have not bought you anything, tomorrow we'll go together and buy. Already a failure! I wanted him to pick up at least once for himself to think about me, that I like.

March 8, morning, I bring him a son, this is our ritual, he plays with him, I do not congratulate. I take my son away, put him to bed. I go to breakfast, he says nothing! Closer to lunch: "Well, when do we go to the store?" I said I wasn't going anywhere with him! I got mad!

He was like, "then put the baby on, I'll take him for a walk." That's it, in the middle of the day: and what are you offended by? Not one lousy flower nothing! I bought him a nice T-shirt for the holiday, he liked it, and I made him a special dinner and a pie.

I bought him a good T-shirt, he liked it, made him a special dinner, and a pie. He's been lying on the couch all day today, and you didn't agree to go to the store and I did everything right. Guys, and what to do with such a husband? I am terribly offended and upset!!!