I am in a situation that weighs on me mentally.

My boyfriend is a mama's boy, 25 years old, he lives together with his mother and grandmother, we meet about 12 months, I like him very much, I "cleaved" to him (he is a teacher, a graduate student, a gentleman, planning, calm, reasonable, interesting to communicate everywhere and always, understanding, attractive to me).

He proposed to me. I would not hesitate to answer, but his loved ones (raised by his mother and grandmother) insist on a marriage contract (and he does not mind and thinks it is a reasonable solution, especially since his loved ones have many stories of mercenary women, they and 2 apartments), the terms of which:
Everyone stays with their property until marriage,
If either spouse takes out a loan, the other spouse will not pay it back,
The money invested in Repairing his apartment during the marriage will not be reimbursed (The clause was thoughtfully added by his grandmother, who decides everything there).

I do not want to sign the contract, I get the feeling that I want to be used.

I care about the man, I am not mercenary, so I offered to write a receipt that I have no claim to their property, but the young man insists on the marriage contract, as he made a promise to his relatives.

I know them, after every meeting I get a very unpleasant feeling from these people, for some reason I want to cry.

His grandmother is bossy, his mother is soft, manipulative victim with su*cidal tendencies, who destroyed his father's authority, accusing him of the fact that it was his fault their son would die (though it was not so, just father insisted on other treatment, and young man's mother and grandmother treated any cold with long courses of antibiotics).

The atmosphere in their family is very pressured. The young man does not plan to move far away from his parents, 15 minutes walk at most, and in case his grandmother dies (this conversation was initiated by him), his mother will move in with him for an indefinite period of time.