Just over a year ago, I married the man of my dreams. He was everything I could have hoped for—kind, loving, and supportive. Our happiness grew when we learned I was expecting; I was two months pregnant, full of hopes and dreams for our little family. However, a shadow from my past, long kept hidden, has suddenly threatened everything I hold dear.

Before meeting my husband, I was entangled in a toxic relationship with an abusive partner. Under his manipulation, I made several mistakes that I deeply regret. These included engaging in sexual acts in the presence of others and participating in public online broadcasts, where I simulated sexual sounds and actions. Coerced and controlled, I felt powerless and trapped.

Determined to leave this dark chapter behind, I moved to a new city, seeking a fresh start and a chance to rebuild my reputation. I never spoke of these experiences to anyone, hoping they would fade away with time.

However, the past has a way of catching up. Recently, someone chose to expose these secrets by sending an anonymous letter to my husband. The news left him utterly shocked and dismayed.

In desperation, I denied everything, claiming the allegations were false. But my husband's trust was deeply shaken, and he harbored doubts that weren't easily dispelled. I suspect I know who might have sent the letter and I fear they might have tangible proof of my past actions, including recordings from those broadcasts.

Reeling from these revelations, my husband has filed for divorce. Although he reassured me that he wouldn’t abandon our child, he declared that he no longer sees me as his wife. Now, I find myself in an unimaginable predicament. I don’t have a job, as we've been living off my husband’s earnings, which are substantial. Despite my insistence that the claims in the letter are lies, he remains unconvinced.

What can I do in this dire situation? How can I possibly convince him of my honesty and win back his trust? The future of our family hangs in the balance, and I am at a loss for how to proceed.