I am 20. I study, work part-time, live with my mom and younger sister.

My mom has been raising us since I was 14. Our conditions are not good, we live in a one-room apartment.

The problem is that men as soon as they find out about my financial situation, they change, and the feeling is that they do not want to get involved. I was brought up in austerity, I do not need any gifts, I will not take them.

I just want to communicate with a guy or a man to get to know better, then a relationship, but no way out.

MH The same level as I can not find, they do not want to rise together, do not want to take a mortgage, etc. Affluent do not look at me at all, and I do not know where to look for them and whether it is necessary?

Appearance is normal, even say beautiful, but they say and ends all.

My figure is also normal, I dress normally, not a lot of clothes.

I look at my friend, she is the same age as me, she did not even go to school, but she has lots of suitors and constantly surrounded by men. But she has an apartment three years inherited, and is it because of this personal life is folded?

Another relative since the age of 16 is full of suitors, ready to get married, but she also lives in a three-room apartment.

Looking at this I conclude that the financial situation is so important. Much more important than youth?