My husband's mistress, writes about me on her Instagram page.

From her words, it was described.
Girls, I have a beloved man, married. He also loves me, but does not leave his wife because she manipulates him. I went to a gdal, and she gd me that his wife is holding him by force, there is no love, duty. And this woman (wife), she's afraid of being alone. Holds on to him, won't let him go.

Girls, why isn't it fair?

After all, we love each other, we would have a perfect family. She's in our way, because he doesn't want to be with her.

And by the way, he lives with her, but his heart and soul is thinking about me. How good we were together.

Is there any way to get him back?
On behalf of the mistress.

And then I realized what a strong love they have, and I interfere with them. Only there's a mistake. I'm not holding my husband, he's not letting me go. Let him pack his things today and go to her. But no, he doesn't want to.

When I wrote her my answer anonymously. She began to argue with me.

Well answer me, what kind of man can be held by force, if he really loves someone else? Maybe I don't understand something...