I met my husband five years ago. After a year we started living together in a rented apartment.

Lived together for a year, and it so happened that my husband 🪦 has a father. And his mother was left alone in a 2 room apartment. She suggested that we move in together.

Yes, maybe the idea was initially not very good at all, but at that time my husband had a hard time with work, and I was in university at the time. We had to move in together.

We have been living with my mother-in-law for 3 years, she helps in many ways: cooking and cleaning. We have no children.

Half a year ago my mother informs me that she has a man. It was a shock for us.

She goes for walks with him and sleeps over. I know in my head it's absurd. And my husband himself says he doesn't like it when she dresses up and goes out. He feels jealous.

And the absurd thing is that I don't like the whole story myself. I don't like that she's forgotten about us, to put it bluntly. Even her favorite cat. She's just out all night. She's 55 years old.

And the other day informed us to move out to a rented apartment, she wants to establish a personal life. My husband and I are very surprised. Is it really possible to trade family for a man? I'm just sitting here almost crying.

Why is that? We don't want to move out. Help me dissuade my mother-in-law!!!