I started dating a man who is much older than me. It is clear that he had relations before me, he was married twice, now he is divorced.

No children from the first marriage, from the second marriage two sons: 21 and 10. However, for some reason he said about the younger son, but didn't say about the older one.

He pays alimony + additionally gives money to the younger child, the older does not give. He takes the boy to his place once a fortnight on Sunday. Last Sunday he called me to meet his son.

I was talking to the kid, then he started talking about his brother (that he has a watch like me). I interjected the boy about his brother, asking for information. At this, my boyfriend was standing next to me and smiling nervously.

After the boy was taken away I asked my mate why he hid the fact that he had two sons, there was nothing wrong with that. He said he didn't want to scare me off with such an adult child (even though I knew my mum's age).

In general, strange information, and suddenly he has more children, why does he hide everything?