Hello! We are going to get married with a girl, but there are differences in views.

I am quite young, no 30, just building my business, employment is enormous, irregular schedule, a lot of business trips, I can often get up at 10 am and return at 11 pm.

With the girl almost do not see each other, and she complains that she has no strength for anything, even for herself and for me even more so.

She works at school as a teacher, gets up at 6 am, we do not cross paths, in the evening she lies down until my return, at 10 pm. We rarely get to have dinner together.

She complains that everything is on her: ordering groceries, cleaning, cooking, ironing. I can't physically help her, I don't have time and energy. My head is constantly full of work + on me full-fledged help to my parents and that on the dacha to help them, or something else, things are found. Budget with a girl common, with this problem is not.

The girl the other day said that there is a proposal to me: she will leave school and wants to be minimally busy, wants to be a tutor, to take the students to their own strength, not burdening themselves, and have more time and energy to be at home.

On the one hand, this is not bad, on the other hand, I realize that she will no longer have a full salary (which ran for all the load at school), and we have a mortgage ahead of us, and there are enough worries, my parents on my provision (she does not need to support anyone, there parents are independent, it is mine has nothing but housing where they live and dacha without conditions!).

There is a fear that I will not be able to afford, but at the same time it is not easy for us to live the way we live. What to do?