My husband cheated. Together for 15 years. First man. First kiss. Mad love and infinite trust. I thought he loved me madly and would never cheat on me. How wrong I was.

I found out some time ago my husband cheated. He was offered the phone number of a girl and he didn't refuse.

Then they started talking and he offered to pay her for sx. She agreed. He didn't like her in sx, he told her himself. So he decided not to sleep with her anymore. But he kept in touch.

He texted her and called her back. The question is why? He also went out with her recently. But no int*m.

When I found out everything, it was painful and nauseating. My husband is lying on his feet, begging me to forgive, but how to forgive, because trust cannot be restored.

He says that it was a mistake, no more. And I don't understand why he spent all that time talking to her. What is the right thing to do?