I found out that my husband was cheating on me and decided to break up with him.

I waited for him from work, beforehand collected things in suitcases and put them in the corridor. When he came, he calmly took the suitcases and left without a word.

I was shocked, as I was hoping for some conversation. A few days went by and I didn't hear from him.

I couldn't stand it and rang his best friend to find out if everything was all right with him. He said that my husband was living at work and was frowning.

I was confused, why didn't he go to live with his mistress? In the end, I called him and set up a meeting at a cafe. He came in dirty, unwashed and overgrown.

I asked what was the matter, why he did not even try to apologise or explain, to what he splashed a glass of water on me and with the words "Shlyu! a" ran out of the cafe.

Only in the evening after calling the same friend, I learnt the whole truth, it turns out my husband had also received false information about my cheating and was going to leave the house
that very day. As it turned out, it was an ex-girlfriend who tried to break us up.

My husband still doesn't believe me. Can you advise me how to get my husband back?