I met my husband three years ago. After 3 months of the relationship, I found out that he had been living together for 12 years and had a child.

He was telling me that they lived as roommates and that it was only because of the baby, but I broke up with him, I didn't believe him.

After 4 months of separation he came to me with a ring, proposed, said he saw a family only with me. After a while we got married, but!

It's been a year since we got married and he still lives there! We argue about it all the time, he always puts off buying a flat, sometimes he has no money, sometimes he doesn't have an apartment he wants to rent, and sometimes he doesn't want to live with me, because I live with my parents.

I would have thought he wasn't going to leave the family, but then why did he marry me, it's a serious step and everybody knows it.

I don't know what to do, run away from this relationship or keep waiting?