We have lived together for 12 years, two children. Six months ago I started communicating with another man, flirting.

My husband overheard me flirting with him, flirting, the conversation was nothing about bed and kissing, more about life with elements of flirting, something like that.

My husband has a temper and that day there was a scandal. I apologized, begged him not to pay attention. But in his opinion, it wasn't that I should have called, I shouldn't have entered into conversations with the male gender at all, not to discuss anything. And then there was the disappointment.

⠀ That day, after he'd been pretty pissed, he got really angry. I was lying in my room, about to fall asleep, and the kids came in, grabbed my arm, pulled me off the bed, and grabbed my hair. Then he dragged me out and threw me into the stairwell, barefoot and in my nightie. The children ran after me and cried. I stood like that for a while, begging me not to embarrass myself in front of the neighbors, the children were crying. Then, through long conversations, they seemed to have decided to forget about it.

But for half a year hell continued, constant surveillance and reports, video calls five times a day, when he was at work and I had a day off. Demanding him to tell me several times that I love him, even though I'm not the kind of person to constantly chisel that in. Demanding to live only by his rules now, because I messed up and have to fix it.

This week he's been clinging to all the little things in life and telling me I should file for divorce. He said it five times. Then everything changed to a different mood, and now he's suffering about his lost life, about those years, and he says he loves me.

Now he sees that I am ready for a divorce and he started acting soft and gentle, but I think this is a mask. Then there will be an explosion again. There's a lot to go. This is the situation. I want to get opinions, what should I do? File for divorce or be patient?