I come from a good family, so does my husband. Older than me by almost 10 years. We got married when I was 23 and he was 32 respectively.

Both he and I had our own apartment by that time, we changed it over time to a spacious three-room apartment.

With children were not in a hurry, I am a doctor by profession, I finished my residency and worked, 4 years after marriage gave birth to our son, then after another 2.5 years - a daughter.

Husband blew dust always, traveled a lot, helped in everything and I him. We always loved each other sincerely, s*x is also regular, children are just wonderful, he adores them.

Soon it will be 10 years of our married life. Or not. In the last few years he has risen strongly in career, without going into details, I found out that he has at least six months of romance with a young female employee (She is 21, she just graduated from university, slim and beautiful).

At the moment I am 32 (just turned 32), he is 41. He is a successful manager of a small firm.

I have no idea what to do. Of course, my parents will support me if he leaves. But they love him so much. And then - don't laugh! - he's my first and only man.

How can I live? How can I talk some sense into my husband and drive this madam away? I'm 200% sure he's never cheated on me before! The type is not a womanizer, for such I would not go. Help!