I do not know how to put my husband in his place. There is no goal to divorce yet, since I am young and have two sons, but thoughts are already arising...

My husband is 11 years older than me. My parents are very wealthy, and my husband, knowing that, doesn't even try to do anything. He knows that if anything happens, my father will always help me.

For example, we have 2 children, let's say, even pay for the older one's kindergarten (I'm on maternity leave), the younger one to buy diapers. He knows I can always get away with it.

I can't teach him a lesson, because it will reflect on the children. I don't even ask for it myself anymore, I don't grovel, but he has got a nerve.

My father gave me an iPhone 13 pro, before that I had a 12 pro. He does not try to earn money in the house, but he also takes away my parents' money by force, and he has already started to use the equipment.

He does not buy himself, he broke two of mine while he was walking, and he does not fix it, the laptop, which was a gift from my dad, he also broke it, and it is broken. Now he brazenly took my iPhone 12 pro, inserted a SIM card and walks around with it. Yelling to him already - give it back or I'll block it!

It's just a pity that he does not appreciate things, everything breaks! Doesn't repair it, says, "Come on, I'll break your 13th car.

What to do with him? He works, but he spends his money on gambling. He's got a nice life: presents from my dad, or things he bought with his money. He pretends in the company that he gave them to me, and he sneers, saying that any woman can't resist him when she looks at me.