My husband is used to that his mother always did everything for him until he was 27 years old (now he is already 30), because she never worked, to clean up after herself a cup in the sink or bring from another room and crumbs from the table to shake off, a problem.

Or rather it's not a problem for him, for him it's a norm. The problem for me is that a man can't clean up after himself.

Every 3 days I clean it all myself, and for 2,5 years I am already tired. It seems to him that I'm nagging. Because living in a pigsty is the order of the day for him. He doesn't even realise that I wash cupboards, doors, etc. I wash curtains, linen sets and iron it all myself.

And when I ask for basic help, or participation or at least clean up after myself, he does not understand and does nothing. After all, from his side I have to do all this, because otherwise he does not perceive life and does not hear me at all. I am already scared to think what will happen if there is a child.....

How to influence my husband? If nothing changes, should I file for divorce?