I'm seven months pregnant. My husband jokingly said at breakfast today, "You'll weigh a hundred when you give birth". I was really hurt by that.

Before giving birth I weighed 55-60 kg at a height of 170, looked very slim. Now I weigh 75-77kg.

A sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy, because if I go to sports, or take a long walk, my blood pressure rises and my stomach hurts.

I've been crying all day because of what he said. I myself am very bad, I do not know how I will be with HW discount, what clothes beautiful do not buy - everywhere as a barrel with this belly.

Complexes are very strong. Always had expressive cheekbones, and now cheeks and he also makes fun of it. Is this weight normal for the first pregnancy? Isn't this all something that can be lost after the birth?