My husband came home early from work today, and I came as usual. So there was no time to cook something, and there was still food in the fridge.

⠀ I thought it was time for him to finish the casserole, and I would eat the sausages myself. But he came over and started yelling how come I didn't cook anything, that he wouldn't be full of this, so he would have this and that.

⠨ I told him that I wouldn't have anything left for dinner, and he didn't care. He started yelling that I could have had time for something, and I came and lay down on the bed instead of running straight to the stove.

I have to make a cake for tomorrow, because we are going to a party, and it takes two hours, if not more.

He ended up yelling at me, ate all the food, left me nothing, and went away happy to play on the computer.

And I'm shaking with resentment at what kind of idiot I got involved with... Since we originally agreed that life would be half and half, that if he did not have time or could not, no big deal... but in the end what happens. What should I do with him?