A woman who had been prying into our family for three years, and she did pry. Those three years were hell for me! My husband was running from me to her and vice versa.

I have been on medication and seeing a psychologist for a year and a half. I can't come to my senses after this stress. I can't make it work. He hasn't lived with us for 6 months and I can't exist normally.

My husband went to live with his mistress, but I don't interfere in their life and don't touch them at all.

⠀ My husband shouted at me to get a divorce, but he did nothing about it. I do not touch them, I do not write, do not call, do not notice, we have a child together, he does not communicate with him, I think she turned him on, and I do not demand his attention to the child.

She writes to me from his page insulting me and telling me to go get a divorce (I do not know what he told her that she was sending me and not him).

I had his facebook username and password, I thought he changed it, but no. I decided to look it up for fun, but she sends him all sorts of jokes about his wife and insults about me, I can imagine what she then pours into his ears, that he became so aggressive and forgot about the baby.

So give me advice, what to do? Why is she sucking up to me, because I do not interfere with them and do not touch their lives, I completely disassociated, and they keep coming back to me. What should I do with her?