About a year ago, my husband's behavior became alarming. He became aloof, rude, and sex became rare.

I tried to bring to the conversation, said that I feel that he has someone, but he denied everything, but also behavior for the better did not even try to change.

In the end I found out that he really has a mistress for about a year. And he has already introduced her to his sisters and mom and when he went to the village under the pretext of fishing (his mom and sister live there) his mistress came with him.

To say that I am shocked is not to say anything. He made them believe that I am a bad wife and they approved him with his treason, took this girl to his home with a living wife, did not condemn, did not ask why not divorce.

How can this be, we lived with him for 20 years. I feel like I'm dreaming and I can't wake up. Told him that I want a divorce, he resists, does not leave, says that he no longer meets with her, but I do not believe, he can see that he is with her.

And now I am thrown from side to side, then I'm going to file for divorce, and then one, as pereklinet, that I am so now this girl will give her husband, I will live on one of his salary, pay the mortgage, we have a son of 16 years, also expenses, count the days from paycheck to paycheck, and he will give her his salary?

What to do and how to get out of this situation with dignity? The most annoying thing is that his mother and sisters help him.