An unpleasant incident happened: my lover's wife called me and started sh*t on the phone, insulting me with all sorts of words. I decided to listen to her and find out what she wanted from me.

All the shouting and complaining boiled down to me returning the money he used to give me a flat, a porsche, luxury goods, jewellery, taking me on holiday to premium hotels (she must have learned from my social media).

I said: - I wouldn't give it back as it's a letdown for me.

She became hysterical about me getting off her husband, not wasting their money, and blocking him. I replied: -that I won't block him because we are good together.

To which she started calling me shameless. And I told her - "Of course I understand, but understand me too. I need a man too. Then I hung up on her.

Guys, what was that? Should I tell my lover? What would you do?