How would you characterise it?

My mother-in-law taught my husband that it's okay to eat stale food. Well, she thinks it's no big deal, what will happen, etc.

Once she came to visit us while I was in hospital and made cutlets for discharge. But I was detained for 5 days, when I arrived she said that the cutlets should be steamed and could be eaten. Because they're completely untouched, it's a shame.

For example, I had cabbage stewed with meat in the fridge for 4 days. I was going to throw it away, but she wouldn't let me, she ate it.

She brought my husband a cake - an anthill, my husband forgot a piece and after 7-10 days finished it. He says that all his life he ate like that and nothing happened!

And I can not explain anything to them, they look at me as a strange. How can I influence my husband? I can't eat stale food!