My boyfriend's mother wants a paternity test. Before this situation, my boyfriend and I lived together, everything was fine, we didn't plan to have children, but it happened as it happened, and now I'm pregnant. We were stupid and didn't use protection.

When I took the pregnancy test I wasn't too surprised with the positive result, because that's what we did. Both of us were happy and everything was fine until his mother showed up with a statement: "My son is infertile. I'll be happy to admit that I'm a grandmother if you do an dna test." It just pissed me off.

She concluded that he was infertile because he and his wife had failed to have children in their previous marriage, but no one had done the necessary infertility tests, that is, she decided so herself.

She also called my mother with this whole complaint, not me, and complained to her, not me! I wrote to her accordingly and told her there would be no dna because it was 100% her son's child.

I am insanely mad at her, resentful and not going to forgive her for those words and conclusions. To me, she gave up on her grandson by saying all this. Insulted me, my child, my mother and my son.

Now she tells her husband for the test almost every day, indoctrinating him that the baby is not his. I don't know what to do. She is turning our life into a nightmare.