A woman was walking through life, and she had two companions: Guilt and the Executioner. Once upon a time, as a child, the Woman met Vina, but the latter introduced herself as Conscience. The girl has believed and has taken it in the companion, since then and wandered, hand in hand.  Guilt made her own judgments and assessments on any occasion (as a rule, unflattering). If you listened to her, the woman was almost "herself to blame. And the Executioner was only waiting for Vina to give the signal.  As soon as the woman began to punish herself for something, the Executioner was there, with all his sinister instruments. Only he did not have to work hard: the woman punished herself for cause or for no reason. She was tormented by doubts, and the hangman was helpful in slipping her hooks of various sizes. The woman was beating herself - the executioner gave her belts and whips. He also had migraines and allergies, aching joints and stomach ulcers, and much more.  Of course, such a life made the woman sick, hurt, lost her beauty, and could not enjoy life at all.  And then one day she prayed:  - Lord, why am I living so hard? I am still young, but I feel like a decrepit old woman. My soul is tormented, I do not want to live! Why have I suffered such a fate? What have I done that you have turned away from me?  And the Creator answered: - My dear, it was not I who turned away from you, but you from me! You have no conscience, that's what!  - What do you mean, no? - The Woman gasped. - Here it is, Conscience, always with me!  It teaches me, tells me... - No way! - The Creator protested categorically. - It is not Conscience but Guilt. It does not teach, it torments! Conscience is when you help someone in trouble. Guilt is when you put yourself in trouble. My mistake!  - Yes, I make mistakes all the time..." she muttered in confusion.  - And let's not think of it as mistakes? - Creator suggested. - You are always gaining experience, that's all. And if you think the result is undesirable, just take it into account and do it differently next time.  - So it's not my fault? - The Woman clarified.  - If you are guilty of something, it is that you took upon yourself the right to punish yourself, Creator answered. - It is a mistake and must be corrected. You think I'm not mistaken? You bet you are! But I always say, "How interesting it is! And so should you.  - What should I do now?  - Probably let Vina go. And the Executioner will go away with her, they're a couple, he can't live without Vina. Try it, experiment! It's your life-be a Creator yourself.  The woman thought and thought and decided to send Vina away.  It turned out somewhere near the equator. Vina looked around - it was warm, green, and the sea was near. She bought a swimsuit and a hat and lay down on a chaise lounge - to sunbathe. And the Executioner retrained and shows the holiday beachgoers tricks. Both are happy and do not want to go back to their old job.  And the woman, who was left without guilt and without the Hangman, has recovered, blossomed and does what she wants. And if something goes wrong, all she can say is, "Gee, how interesting it turned out!"