Hi all. I never thought I would fall in love like this, but I have been in love with a married man for almost four years now.

I know a lot of people are going to judge, but as they say, don't take chances. I was in love with him a lot, both good and bad.

I am very scandalous, he tolerates all my scandals and caprices. But last time I overdid it. Now I am trying to mend our fragile relationship. His patience is wearing thin.

I ruined all his plans, I made scandals the day he was on his way to my place with his things. So now I have to make it work. Make him want to move out again.

The only condition he has is that I stay calm and not give him a hard time. I can't, it's like I'm being possessed. How can I make it work?

The interesting thing is that his wife caught him cheating on me more than once. Installed a bunch of apps on his phone, monitoring his calls, whereabouts.

But realizes he's still going to my place, phone goes off a lot. Becomes out of the area, can't track(( when he's already gone from there, turns the kids against him. This is a sore spot for him. He grew up without a father himself, and kids are everything to him. But that's not the point.

I still hope he gets out of there. The question is how to give him that peace of mind and assurance that in a week I won't make a scene and kick him out of the house. That's what he's afraid of, he admitted it. Girls, how did you get away from your wives?