Guys, I need some advice. Not advice, I do not even know. Anyway, I live with a guy for over three years, civil marriage.

Basically, I would never have thought that he could cheat on me (well, probably everyone thinks so).

He doesn't go out anywhere without me, no partying, doesn't drink with men, always sleeps at home, no correspondence there or extra texts or calls with me has never been. I don't work, almost always at home. We see each other almost 24 hours a day.

Anyway, closer to the subject, I went away for a week to my parents in another city, the plan was to return on Friday to spend the weekend together, but it turned out that we had a little argument on the phone (I will not go into the reason) and I have changed my mind to come, well, like I was offended, sit yourself at home. And he spent the weekend alone. He says he was nowhere to stay home. I, of course, took my word for it.

Now that I arrived, I went into the shower and found my hair, black long hair, the structure is 100% not mine, because I am blonde and my hair is longer and thinner, these are hard and black.

I had one hair hanging in the shower, found two more in the runoff. Also my shampoo and shower gel were out of place. Well that's what the guy said he used, okay, I believed it. But the hair is something else. He swears no one was there and he doesn't know where the hair came from. And I kind of want to believe it, but those are the facts on my face. What to do?!