Hello, please tell me, we meet a young man for quite a long time (a little less than a year), he has some fip*nancial difficulties, which I turn a blind eye to (let's say, I bring something small to every meeting, for example, marmalade, chocolates, etc.), he is always empty-handed.

We do not go anywhere and did not go at his expense - never been to the cinema or in a cafe where he would have to pay for me, if we go together to the shop and I want to buy us water or gum does not even offer to pay.

I understand that he doesn't have to, but when I look at all the couples around me and everywhere this is a common practice - it makes me very sad.

And I have said this repeatedly, but still no fip*nancial investment has ever been forthcoming). I am not greedy for money and, in general, they do not interest me much, because I work and earn my own money, if I need something, I can buy it without any problems, I just take it as an act of attention.

A month ago the following situation happened: he came to my house, we spent time and it was already late to return home (public transport was not running, it was very far to walk and he was tired after work), I offered to call him a taxi, but he had no money.

Obviously, I paid for it. In this situation, like, there is nothing wrong, I understand that there can always be such situations, when there is simply no opportunity to pay for something, but all around me say that I should not have done it, that this is his problem, a real man himself should have solved this issue, etc.

What do you think, did I act as a caring partner or a shortsighted girl?