He came from a provincial town (I am a city girl), his parents have nothing, he supports them. I don't work, and why do I need a husband if I am going to work?

By the way, I have higher education, a little work experience too. He gives me money for my female needs, but it is not 800 dollars a month, as I would like ideally.

He's developing his business, in the near future he's going to buy an apartment with a mortgage, we're renting now. He has a mid-range car for a capital city (without a loan, fortunately), he saves a lot on clothes for himself, we do not eat in the big city, we have to look at the prices (makes me angry!).

I see that different men pay attention to me, but I'm already married - I am faithful, I do not communicate with any man, I do not flirt!

By the way, I husband a little older, so I look sometimes and think: but he has much more time, and I, though young, but a woman, my time is limited, I want to enjoy life here and now!

From the considerable pluses of his personality and life with him: he is good-looking (objectively attractive, in fact, I once wrote to him first (accidentally in social networking), because I liked his appearance very much!

He is not stupid, interesting (as a person), positive (not a party boy, without bad habits, the same boy-excellent), goal-oriented, his hands grow out of the right place, in ss good (very good! ), caring, I feel that he values me, loves me, cannot be with me for a long time in a quarrel, treats relations and even more seriously to marriage (it is very valuable in men nowadays, there were strong quarrels where he showed himself as a man who does not leave relations thoughtlessly: he holds on to relations and values them, moreover, tells me that I am for him the best in ss and in general he has never loved anybody so).

From the minuses: he is young, just at the beginning of his way, he can't give me the level I really want, riches are only in perspective...

Question for the ladies: while I still have time, should I leave? And how? To be still with him, get acquainted, and then put before the fact of leaving, but for another reason? But this is cruel... And leaving into the void is scary. Give your own sound advice. Especially interested in the opinions of women who are well over 30.