My 26 year old son has been dating a girl for about 5 months. Yesterday I was taken aback by the news that his madam is 7 weeks pregnant, about to give birth.

I am shocked, to say the least. They actually don't know each other very well, and it's already gotten this far. We had repeated conversations long before this incident, and I had warned them to take precautions.

I asked him, "How did this happen?" He shrugged his shoulders in response. My son is not yet firmly on his feet: he earns a small salary as a novice, lives with me in my two-room apartment. His girlfriend is from out of town, gets pennies, and rents a room on the outskirts of town. With what money are they going to raise a child, and at a time like this, where are they going to live?

Accordingly, most of the burden of care will fall on my shoulders. And I don't want to become a grandmother in my 45, listening to children's cries in my apartment. I strongly oppose it, and it's too early for her to have a child at the age of 20.

I tried to talk to my son today, and I told him I wasn't going to help, and that we should terminate the pregnancy before it's too late. He didn't even listen to me, he left and slammed the door.

My head is already spinning, I can't figure out how to influence my son.