I met a man on a dating site. He is 49 and I am 37. We corresponded for not very long, about five days. He was always the initiator (always good morning) always led me to a conversation.

Perepiska was interesting, we found many common themes, views. He invited me to a cafe. We live in different areas, so a cafe chose me.

And so I went to a meeting, he stood outside a cafe with flowers. He gave me flowers, we enter the cafe and here he begins to behave strangely. Asks - what kind of cafe ... (I selected a shopping center, a cinema, a cafe)... He asks - is it necessary to undress here? Is the waiter okay? .... I asked if he even goes to the cafe? He answered yes.

He said yes. Then we sat down at the table, I noticed that he was sitting in a "closed position" with his arms crossed and was constantly looking around. Clearly nervous. He asked me what to order for coffee/tea...

I started looking at the menu and he says to me, "I'm off." He just gets up and leaves!!! I'm just shocked It's the first time this has happened to me)))

I wasn't a little taken aback at first, then I packed up and called a cab and left. I'm shocked at this situation. It's not respectful to do that. Even if you don't like the guy, have some tea and go home.

I am sorry, I also spent my time on this meeting. The photos on my site are fresh and correspond to reality.

In general, share your opinions. What is wrong? Why did he run away? What is going on with men? What is the world coming to?)