We met for a few months, and he invited me to live with him very often. He said he didn't like living alone. He divorced 4 months ago, there is a child.

When I wasn't dating him, he was going to see his pregnant wife and child, I didn't mind. Went on vacation together, everything was fine, but the moment of living together I was putting off. There were plans for the New Year and the holidays.

A week ago he announced to me that he and his pregnant wife decided everything and agreed to live together. The next day he moved to live with her, and he started renting his apartment (I saw an ad on a website).

I feel very bad, all my plans collapsed in one day. I couldn't stand it and wrote him: "If we were living together, wouldn't you go back to your pregnant wife?
He began to say that if we lived together, he would never come back.

But at the same time, he let it slip that he was better off with his wife. Like, he lives with her, he rents his apartment and the amount of this apartment covers the alimony.

Do you think if she lived with him, he wouldn't come back to the family? After all, they are divorced. He is 35 and I am 27.