I was in a relationship with a man who was single, we had a daughter in 5.5 years, we were planning a pregnancy. We essentially had a family.

He had a wife and a child, I knew that. During those 5 years there was a lot, we were leaving and coming together (always a separation was on my initiative) unwillingness to share him with another was the reason.

All this time he gave me hope that we would be together, that he does not love his wife, that practically no s*x. I was living on one hope the whole time.

One day we were visiting mutual friends and I wanted to get into his phone and I saw a heart sent to her, I don't know why but I was hurt, for me it was a betrayal on his part. I decided that I was OK with it!!!! I left.

I have become indifferent to it, to the fact that he suffers, sends texts, songs, to his coming to the request for reconciliation, I became cold.

It has been three weeks. But somewhere inside I was waiting for something, waiting for the action from him and the coordinate. And so it happened, he sent me a letter, there was everything that he had in his heart, about his attitude to his wife, about his great love for me, he just turned my soul inside out. He said that he realized how much he cared about us, that he couldn't imagine his life without us. I believed him and opened the door again.

But something happened in my body, it was as if he began to periodically fall into a depressed state. The man began to pay less attention to me(sex)said that work.

And then a week ago his wife accidentally finds out about me, seeing our texts. There was a text message. There were no threats, just said that they have two children, everything comes back, etc. At first I did not understand what two kids. I decided that she was saying that on purpose. I am in sots.net, and OH MY GOD it's true the world collapsed in an instant Dreams Collapsed, HOPES. They had another baby. How can I be? How do I live with this betrayal?