Good afternoon. My problem is that I met a wonderful man: he is kind, good-looking (not ugly), tall, generous and very wealthy.

I don't know how, with all these virtues and accomplishments, he is so stupid. For example, we're texting each other, and then he asks me the same thing I just told you about (note: - do you live alone? - yes. and immediately the question: - do you live with your mother?).

He only speaks on superficial topics, and somehow in a limited way. He often says nothing, and just stares at me blankly.

He got rich on his own, that is a fact. He likes to give presents and we traveled quite a bit.

But this foolishness of his... I can not feel that I am smarter than a man(((

And there is the opposite example... a very smart man, smarter than me.

Very handsome, huge vocabulary. We speak on all subjects. Not rich, from the countryside, but ambitious. I like him a lot, but he was not very generous and well-off, and he was a womanizer.

What to do, who to choose? I'm getting older, I have to make up my mind.