We have been together for 4 months. The first month was a fairy tale, the best restaurants in the country, pretty phrases and dreams of a future together from his side.

In the 2nd month he took me to a meeting in his city with all his relatives, introduced me very respectfully as his girlfriend for the future.

In the 2nd month, I noticed that the amount of my honeymoon was the same as the amount for my two 10 year old nieces.

In the 3rd month, he rented a flat in the area I wanted, where I dreamed of living, he rented a 2 bedroom apartment so there would be room for me too (he himself would have had enough of 1 bedroom). He told me to move in with him completely (even though I have a very discounted flat).

I said I would move eventually, as long as I was happy living in 2 flats.

Flowers over the whole time drilled 5 times in 4 months when I said so myself.
Gifts a few times when I was in a bad mood because I saw his nieces 7-10 years old send him links to podrki they want - and he immediately bought online.
So he didn't think of the gift himself, only when I pressed him.
*He started taking him to restaurants less often.

We stayed at his flat for a week, and on Valentine's Day he gave me flowers and candy and a restaurant. I gave him a nice watch.

I made a scene because my 10-year-old niece had her birthday the other day and he found a way to buy her a present.

And he said he didn't have much money left because of his new flat, so he'd only have enough for food.

He'll have to forget about nice things for a while, he doesn't know how long. Restaurants will be rare too.

I feel devalued, he's been trying to win me over for a month/spending money and then he put me before the fact that there's no money, now we don't luxuriate, we just go to the market and then we do s*x all day at home. So, what do I do now? Break up with him? He says longer will only make things worse.