After trying myself (in various art forms) in several marriages as well as cohabitations (think nothing of it) in the same territory with cats and dogs, I have come to the conclusion.
We need to open a cat and dog family life training school.
First of all!!! It's a great test to see if you want to get married/marry at all.
When the initial phase of murmuring and stroking a cat (endless, tm), as well as puppy rapture - ends, and normal reality begins, here you need to listen to your inner state and determine. Are you really ready to: get up in the shit in the morning/ shovel shit out from under the couch/ constantly clean hair from everywhere/ find your stuff spoiled/ and feed, and feed, and feed, and feed. And, again, shit. If you only want to pet a kitty or "give me a paw for good luck, dog" - limit yourself to individual meetings, friendship, at the very least - a close acquaintance for many years, which does not depress anyone and does not require anything special.
Second. If you wanted an affectionate cat, and he was a disgusting speaker in the bathroom at five in the morning, and suffocatingly smelly in the moments of natural behavior, in addition, stubbornly chews your favorite vase, and if he scolds, then claws your favorite blouse, the unknown how pulled out of the closet - do not be a heady romantic, you do not agree in character, and recognize it in time, do not bring to the court division of children and property. Practice on cats, as the classics say. They, if anything, will gladly forget you, but disgruntled people can remember you for life, resentful and vindictive.
Third. If you had the urge to get married/marry because you're in March - look at the cat that's yelling with a mope, the kitty that's moping and flexing her tail with a ready-made wet rose, the dog that's howling and howling, and meditate on the fact that this is NOT LOVE. If you're in heat, too, have a couple of antisex with your cat. Remember well how animals suffer when the breeding program kicks in, and make no mistake about your intentions.
And fourth, take a breath and gently mourn. Edgar Poe's sadness . It's not life that has changed so much, that it used to be full of mates and suitors, but now it's all wrong, and loneliness sits on the windowsill next to the withering cactus. You're the one who's out of a phase. The one where flocks chase you because they smell attractive. It is on the contrary, it is a good time to evaluate what you have actually achieved and what you know how to do. Evaluate yourself, praise yourself, be satisfied - after all, you always achieve something, - approve of the progress and keep on doing yourself. When a cat stops yelling, she gets smarter, prettier, licked, purrs and creates harmony in the world in every possible way. It is self-sufficient, wise and philosophical. The dog, on the other hand, is happy with life, not suffering from its difficult aspects. There comes a time of peace and joy - and it's great.
And having learned to accept and understand the childish and underdeveloped dog and the aloof cat on your mind, you will overcome the joint life in its family format.
Well, or quit in time and will not be tormented by the fact that "I spent the best years of my life on him"!