I've been dating a man for a year. He is very handsome, he takes care of me wonderfully, he gave me a holiday in Maldives on my birthday.

He is 12,5 years older than me, but he is so handsome and manly that I don't think about the age difference at all. He has a son from his first marriage, he is 22 years old. When he showed me his photo for the first time, I can't hide, I fell in love.

I saw not a 22 year old boy, but quite muscularly developed tall (189) man with big hands and a grown up handsome face. I kept all the pictures of him in my correspondence and admired them at the time. Then somehow I forgot about him.

A few months have passed and in a conversation with my man he again shows me a rugby shirt with the picture of his son, I again experienced this feeling of attraction to him.

I really like both my man and his son, what should I do? I am even jealous of his girlfriend, she is so unassuming and a bit squinty eyed at her, I am many times prettier than her.