Hi everyone, I want to ask for help. Me and MF are dating for almost a year, from the very beginning of communication already lived together, as the company provided a hostel for 6 months (we work in Europe).

After 6 months of relationship, we moved into a rented apartment, and he proposed marriage. The wedding is scheduled for November 2023. He treats me well, caring - best relationship I have ever had.

BUT we have a problem in terms of money. I make 1.5 times as much as him, as I have 5 years experience at 27, while he has 1.5 years.

This was not an issue initially and for the most part (75%) of our expenses jointly paid by him. There were times when I paid 90%, but on average he pays.

The issue of paying for the wedding came up (we have a small wedding, 33 people). The original agreement was - I pay for tickets and vacation for the honeymoon (about 7500 euros) + for my dress (2500 euros), while he pays for the restaurant (5000 euros). All because he has no savings (previously lived from paycheck to paycheck; once his grandmother gave him a round sum, of this amount remained 30% in savings, the rest is spent).

I have savings, because for 5 years of work I have accumulated a sum, not spent it on traveling, expensive clothes, etc. But in general, we agreed on this division.

But soon the question was raised: if the grandmother would give us 5000 euros, he wanted to pay his share for the restaurant with this money, and the rest would be paid by me - so he would not touch his savings (those that remained from those depegs of the grandmother).

This seemed totally unfair to me, as I was denying myself the pleasures of life while he was traveling, buying brand name clothes, etc.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but I really thought about this point.

Is there any reason to worry here, or should I be happy that 90% of the relationship is problem free? Thanks.