I work in the capital and live in a rented flat.

I am divorced with a 2-year-old son (I am 26). We have a man at work who is 48 and lives alone in a two-bedroom flat.

I'm not in a relationship with him, we're not dating, there's never been a hit on his part. Here. So he asked me to move in with him.

He'll give us a room, he's got extra space anyway, and I'll do the cleaning and cooking for him once a week or twice a week or so. He will also give me money for food (for himself).

So I won't have to pay the utility bill, but I will be doing practically the same thing.

My friends say that he will pester me, but he has promised that he will not pressure me, unless it is consensual and I want to do it myself. But I don't plan to be in a relationship with him yet, and I don't need a man yet.