I met a man on a dating site this spring. We started dating, we liked each other.

Almost every day I went to his place and he gave me the keys to his apartment. He introduced me to his friends and his daughter from his first marriage. I introduced him to my son. Everything seemed to be fine.

But the question was about the site, at the beginning of the relationship I found his profile on another site, the goal was to look for s*x without commitment.

And he was writing to other women asking them to meet him. He was already acquainted with me. I talked to him and asked for an explanation. I told him that I wanted a serious relationship.

He explained that at the beginning of our relationship he wasn't sure if I was right for him and he just kept writing through his inertia. And now things have worked out between us, he feels good with me, and I don't have to worry at all. He is with me, has made up his mind, and will not look for anyone else. He said that it was so good that he didn't have to sit on stupid websites, because he had me. I relaxed and believed him.

A month and a half passed, and suddenly I accidentally looked for a film on his computer and the link to his profile fell out. I went in, could not resist. And there ... 15 hours ago. He writes to the girl - let's meet, you are irresistible! He asks for the phone. I feel like a screwdriver in my heart.

I packed my things, and left. He began to call to return it. I explained the reason, he said I was sorry, I am a total d...c. I do not want to lose you. Everything was so good between us. Almost cried.

I said that I was ready to forgive him if he deleted the profile and gave his word that it would not happen again. He says it's okay, not now...

Anyway, I left for my parents' house and said I'd take a break and think it over. He calls every day, writes... He's a flirt.

I communicate with him normally, as if nothing had happened, but I do not know how to proceed? What do you advise? Yes, we are adults, we are both over 35)... And such stuff.