I am from a poor family and my friend from a rich one) We met by chance at a cultural event. I was from out of town and she was from the capital).

Some time later she invited me to visit, I refused as it was not very convenient. When she invited the second time made an emphasis on the fact that the refusal does not take)

She is married, has children and is the owner of a luxurious home. No envy, but only admiration.

I stayed with her for five days, and on one of those days her parents came to visit. I liked them very much, it was obvious that they respected each other. I started to catch her father's eyes and for a moment I saw him smirking at me, but I thought for myself that it was just a thought) I did not meet her father again.

About a month had passed since the trip and I kept in touch with my friend. And then it happened that my father needed expensive treatment, there was no money to borrow. They would never approve such an amount on credit, not even against the security of my parents' flat. I told my friend about it, but in a rather dry and unspecific way. But her father somehow found out about it (he must have asked around about me).

Anyway, he came to my city, stayed at a hotel and invited me there, saying that it was an important conversation.

He said that he liked me a lot and wanted to help me, but for that I would have to sleep with him. I agreed. At first he was quite rude, wanting everything and in all places, which I didn't expect, but after he realized that I was a virgin he went gentler. To be honest we didn't even sleep together, then I went straight home.

It so happened that I slept with her father many more times afterwards, but I put up with it and still do to this day. Although I don't get any pleasure out of it.

How can I look my friend in the eye now? By the way, my father is on the mend, and my friend's father bought me a flat. Her father is 23 years older than me. What do I tell my friend if she finds out about us?