I have a wedding in exactly one month. I have never been married - he has a marriage under his belt and a 10-year-old son who lives with his mother.

He has a heart for his son. And yesterday somehow somehow started a conversation about children, and he says the following - we will have beautiful children led by ... and calls the name of his son! Honestly, I felt bad!

Why exalt him - he is, you meet with him on certain days, you pay child support - I take it all - let it be! But we are starting our NEW family!

I want HIS joint children with him, and when the conversation went further about how many children we will have in the future, he tells me one is enough, I always wanted two. He says his son is OUR son, too, even though he's not joint.

I say he is your son, but I will love him too and will treat him well, he is really a nice boy. The groom replies that in our family there will be no division like yours/my. This is OUR son. I certainly did not tell him that it is a fetus of a woman stranger to me....

Help me understand what this means, and what kind of pitfalls can I expect in the future?