My husband and I have been married for 17 years, we are 38 years old, we have 3 children. I am not working at the moment, taking care of the children. My husband provides for us.

About a year ago, my husband started coming home 2-3 hours later than usual almost every night, bought himself a gym membership and says he goes to workouts. He used to work out, too, but gave it up for a while. But he goes there every night after work.

When I call or write, he does not answer, he says his phone is in the locker room. Weekends he is almost always at home, sometimes taking the kids to practice, and then I noticed that in those 2-3 hours while they are in training, he also does not pick up the phone. And on top of everything else we have problems in intimate life, sex once every 1-2 months and that - he cannot bring it to an end.

I told him to see a doctor, maybe he has some kind of dysfunction, but he refuses.

There are strange mood swings, as if he is not himself, he blames it on the difficulties at work.

He is also constantly sitting on the phone, again, he says it's work-related.