The following story happened to me: I met a man, we started a relationship.

From the very beginning he showed me that he was serious about me, we even made plans together.

He was good at helping me financially, just to bring me to the country where he works at the moment (we are at a distance at the moment).

He also said he didn't have anyone. After 5 months of a relationship I find an account of a girl he has been with for over 6 years, they have a 3 year old child (I started looking after his rather suspicious behavior regarding his account at ***).

I started digging further and finding more evidence that they are together.

I have thoughts about telling his wife that her husband is not the man he seems to be. She herself is also wealthy, beautiful.

I don't need this man after such a lie, I don't need to "destroy the family" to get him for myself.

I just feel sorry for the girl who is waiting for this cable in another country, thinking that all he does on the side is work. What do you think, write her the truth, about him, from the left account?